House Inspections

Why get a house inspection?

We know that purchasing a house is likely to be the biggest investment you'll ever make and it can be a daunting decision. The worst possible scenario is to buy a property and 6 months down the track you find you're all getting sick from contamination or you find the house has significant faults that could literally cost you the home.

You NEED to know any potentially costly issues that might need remedying by the vendor before settlement or to possibly negotiate a price reduction with.

You NEED to know your property is safe and was built to last and our building reports are carried out by Certified Building Inspectors, fully trained and experienced to ensure the information we provide you is as accurate as possible. At NZ Building Reports our sole focus is to make your decision as easy as possible with our affordable package.

There are NO travel charges and NO hidden extras and you get a fully comprehensive 34 page report - we cut the Price, NOT the Quality!

Get a comprehensive package at an amazing price!

We recommend the add-on service of Thermal Imaging for only an additional $145 including GST.

Only $495 including GST*
* Price is for total building size (including garages etc) up to 200sqm.
Buildings 201sqm to 250sqm - $545 including GST.
Buildings 251sqm to 300sqm - $595 including GST.
Buildings 301sqm to 350sqm - $645 including GST.
Buildings 351sqm to 400sqm - $695 including GST.

A Certificate of Inspection is provided with every building report we do.

We check and inspect Moisture, House, Plumbing & Electrical.

A brief overview of what we visually inspect:

The Site - orientation of living spaces, site exposure, contour & vegetation, retaining walls, paths, steps, handrails & driveways, fencing, surface water control.

Subfloor – location of access point, accessibility, foundation type & condition, foundation walls, ground condition, ground vapour barrier, drainage, ventilation adequacy, pile type, instability & condition, pile to bearer connections, obvious structural alteration, ground clearance of timber framing, floor type, timber framing & bracing, insulation type, coverage & condition, plumbing types, leakage & support, electrical type & support, insect & pest infestation, rotting timbers, debris.

Exterior – construction type, cladding, chimneys, exterior stairs, balconies, verandahs, patios etc.

Roof – roof material, roof condition, roof water collection, downpipes, eaves, fascia & soffits.

Roof Space – accessibility, roof cladding, thermal insulation type, clearances, thickness & coverage, sarking, party walls, fire proofing, roof underlay & support, roof frame construction & connections, ceiling construction, obvious structural alteration, insect & pest infestation, rotting timbers, discharges into roof space, plumbing types, leakage & support, electrical type & support, tile fixings.

Interior – ceilings, walls, timber floors, concrete floors, doors & frames, electrical operation of switches etc, heating systems, kitchen bench top, cabinetry, sink, tiles, air extraction system, bathroom wc, ensuite, floor, cistern, pan & bidet, tiles, bath, shower, vanity/wash basin, ventilation, special features, laundry location, floor, tubs/cabinet, tiles, ventilation, storage, stairs, exterior windows & doors.

Services – Fire warning & control systems, heating systems, central vacuum systems, ventilation systems, security system, electricity services, gas services, water services, hot water services, foul water disposal, grey water recycling system, rainwater collection systems, solar heating, aerials & antennae, shading systems, telecommunications, lifts.

Ancillary Spaces and Buildings – exterior claddings, floors, roofs, subfloor

and identify significant defects visible at the time of the inspection.


Moisture Testing – When you purchase a house inspection you get free moisture detection which checks window and door surrounds as well as high risk areas using a non-invasive moisture meter. We also recommend the add-on service of Thermal Imaging by our Infrared Certified Thermographers that can identify and document moisture intrustion for only $145 extra, this is only available as an add-on service.

Meth (P) Testing – Purchase a Meth Test with a house inspection for only $145 extra. METH TESTING carried out in accordance with the NZ Ministry of Health guidelines by a fully certified Meth (P) tester.

Meth testing only available as an add-on service.


Inspected Once, Inspected Right!®



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